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Aruba Immigration Information Entry Visa


Upon arrival, all visitors must show their return ticket. Australian, British, European Union, and Japanese travellers are required to show a valid passport before entering Aruba. However, American and Canadian citizens are exempt from a passport being their only option for entry.

Canadian citizens carrying one of the following may be allowed entry into Aruba:

• baptismal certificate;
• birth certificate;
• certificate of naturalisation;
• proof of Canadian citizenship;
• a valid driver's licence.

US citizens providing one of the following identification methods may enter Aruba:

• an official birth certificate accompanied by an alien registration card;
• certificate of naturalisation;
• government-issued photo ID.

Aruba requires travellers from the European Union to submit their European Union Travel Card and a passport. All travellers from other nations need to have a valid passport, but some nations also require their citizens to attain visas.

Note: While visitors from the US and Canada are not required to present a passport for entry into Aruba, recent legislation requires that all travellers entering or re-entering the US show a passport.


Typically, visas are not necessary for Australian, British, Canadian, European Union, Japanese and US nationals, if visiting for a period shorter than three months. The Royal Netherlands Embassy lists all the requirements and stipulations for travelling to or staying in Aruba.

Travellers over the age of 2 must pay a departure tax of $35. Most times, this tax is incorporated within the price of airfare.

Visa-required travellers need to apply for and have a visitor visa before coming to Aruba. In principle the visa must be applied for in person at an embassy or consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (diplomatic mission). In some countries certain approved travel agencies can apply for a visa on behalf of their customers.

For information about the visa requirements, to apply for a visa for Aruba, and for information on appointments/ opening hours, contact the nearest consulate or embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands or visit the websites of the Embassy or consulates concerned.

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