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Aruba Cuisine

Seafood is a staple, and local fishermen provide a great variety of regional fish including red snapper, dolphin fish (also known as mahi mahi), and grouper. Additionally, shark is a popular regional treat featured on many menus.

Locals enjoy keshi yena, a soupy brew that combines Gouda cheese, spices, and meat or seafood in a thick brown sauce. This dish is sometimes served with funchi, a cornmeal pancake, or pan bati, a corn pudding formed into pies. Soppi di pisca, a very popular soup, is actually fish chowder, flavoured with coconut and also, occasionally, meat. For travellers who enjoy seafood, there are several unique ways restaurants have it prepared. Keri keri is a dish of shredded barracuda infused with the South American spice annato. Or, simply order your preferred fish Aruban style, which will arrive pan fried in a Creole sauce or in garlic butter.

Other local favourites are stobà (lamb or goat stew), cala (bean fritters), pastechi (meat- or cheese-stuffed turnovers) and ayacas (leaf-wrapped meat rolls).

The drinks available on Aruba are also unique and flavourful. Caribbean soft drinks are widely available, including most Desnoes and Geddes flavours. Mixed drinks are also popular, particularly the island's famous rum punch which is comprised of several types of rum mixed with orange and pineapple juices, sweet and sour mix, and grenadine.





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